Inquisitor Javier's Transit

Welcome to the seeds of madness....
Introduction to the Acolytes

This is the tale of the followers of Inquisitor Javier Danatious.

Where we left off…

After narrowly escaping in interiors of a horrid space hulk, the acolytes of the warband crashed on a world. These acolytes of the Inquisition were originally the members of a squad in the 27th Skardail Rangers regiment of the Imperial Guard. After several adventures against Orks and Traitors, and finding a great weapon from the Dark Age of Technology, they were ‘recruited’ into the Inquisition by Primaris Psyker Annabelle Cauldwelle on orders from her Inquisitor, Javier Danatious.

They carried out missions all over the Sector Calixis, from towering hive cities to ancient pirate caves, and they did the Inquisition’s bidding. Eventually they found their mission took them to a Space Hulk drifting through Imperium space. On this hulk they fought Enemies Without, Enemies Within, and Enemies Beyond, and returned victorious. Fleeing in a semi-functioning craft, they headed towards the closest habitable planet.

Aeilycon’s Landing is the world they crashed upon, and they were taken to the capital once found by the local PDF. All survivors were rendered wounded and unconscious by the crash, and are now in the Governor’s medicae rooms being healed.


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